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Recalibrate Therapeutic Services provides approved anger and addiction management services.

Anger Management

Anger management and emotional regulation are beneficial in many areas of your life. You will experience strengthened communication and relationships, less stress and anxiety, and more coping mechanisms for a healthier lifestyle. Anger Management (group or private) at Recalibrate Therapeutic Services is a psychoeducational program. This program is, in most cases, satisfactory for court purposes. It is designed to help clients control their mismanaged behaviours surrounding times of anger and other difficult emotions. An initial assessment is required to determine the best fit and appropriateness of the program. (This is a separate cost only if you do not proceed in the program). The Anger Management Program is not suitable for those with a Domestic Violence charge or history. Alternative and appropriate programs are available, and I will ensure you are referred to the appropriate service.

Reasons why people seek anger management programs:

  • Get charges dropped
  • Fulfill court sentences
  • Learn about healthy relationships
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Develop healthy coping techniques
  • Develop healthy calming techniques
  • To better communicate within an intimate relationship and family constellation
  • Communicate with staff or coworkers
  • Getting to a better you!
  • Resolve conflict

People who fly into a rage always make a bad landing.

-Will Rogers

Addiction & Substance Abuse Services

There is a lot of misunderstanding about mental health and addiction. Stigma and lack of empathy can prevent people from seeking help. Those in the depths of depression, anxiety, and/or drug and alcohol dependence often become highly skilled at rationalizing reasons for not wanting or needing treatment.

What is Addictions & Substance abuse Counselling?

Addictions and substance abuse services are focused on you and your specific difficulties, strengths, and goals. This type of service is suited for clients who recognize that they are struggling and who want to work towards their goals. My addictions and substance abuse services are psycho-educational together with a therapeutic component that focuses on educating and supporting the client. I support a variety of substance and addiction issues, including alcohol, drugs, pornography, and others.

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